Environmental ESP

Environmental Education Services and Programs, Inc. (Environmental ESP) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization. They provide the education portion for ENRECOS with Municipal Workshops and School Organic Recycling programs in cities and schools throughout Southern California. Environmental ESP is funded by generous organizations (like ENRECOS), corporations and foundations that share the vision of a greener future and belief in the powerful impact organic recycling and gardening programs can have on the mental, physical, and psychological health of individuals.

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Creator of the original TUUG (The Ultimate Urban Garden) and various VermiPRO vermicomposting units. VermiPRO products allow people with small outdoor space to recycle their organic waste and grow their own fresh organic fruits and vegetables. VermiPRO Planter Boxes and Worm Bins are Made in the USA (actually in southern California) from CA recycled plastic content. Helping our environment by reducing the carbon footprint and supporting our local economy verse the imported products. Click on READ MORE to visit their on-line store containing a full line of products.

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Natural Blend Soils

Natural Blends Soil offers several different organic blends in various volume containers for your plants. Our blends primarily contain Worm Castings, which are great for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. Worm Castings are 7 times richer in phosphates, 5 times richer in nitrogen and 11 times richer in potash than the average lawn top soil. Click on READ MORE to obtain additional information about Natural Blend Soils.

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An Environmental Organization Focusing on Organic Waste Resources.

We have created strategic partnerships in order to provide a complete Organic Recycling movement. Educating both adults and youth through Municipal Workshops and School Presentations with our partner, Environmental Education Services and Programs, Inc. (Environmental ESP for short). We resell vermicomposting and gardening products made by the professionals at VermiPRO. This partnership allows our customers to apply the educational information in a practical sitting at home, work or school. Our third partnership is with Natural Blend Soils. They have been providing superior soil amendments (such as worm castings and tea) to the retail market place for 10 years. This network of partnerships makes ENRECOS one of the premier environmental organization dealing with organic waste and gardening.